Volvo to Increase Legroom with a Brand New Approach to Automotive Interior Design #innovation

Keep me honest here but I strictly believe that innovation in the automotive industry has been mainly technology focused in the past, while the focus on design and functionality has stayed stagnant. It definitely makes sense when we consider that, according to a PWC study, almost 85% of innovation in automotive is derived from consumer electronics. Yes, your favorite brand of TVs is driving a lot of your in-car experience.

Volvo however is trying to change that for good. I hear you asking, “but how can they implement a major change on product that is so confined by real estate?”  Here is how:

Volvo Interior 4

I believe that it is a genius and daring idea to remove a seat in order to increase legroom and much more for the luxury-hungry passenger in the back. The only reason to why this hasn’t been done so far is that, neither the luxury market nor the car manufacturers were ready for this. Since the 1% is richer than ever and auto makers are desperate to create an edge on competition, our time for a change is now!

I believe Volvo will be targeting China first with hopes of success that will soon to be expanded to markets such as Russia and the Middle East. Today’s trade and commerce definitely allows companies to focus on small niches and still make BIG profits.

Enjoy the pictures below with some fine details such as a 17″ personal entertainment center, a padded footrest and a watch-box for people who like keeping their Panerai and IWC watches close to each other.

And as always, do not hesitate to let me know what you think of this.

Volvo Interior 2

Volvo Interior 3 Volvo Interior 5 Volvo Interior 6 Volvo Interior 1

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