Google Goes Head-on at Apple, Again!

With rumors of a low cost iPhone, new iPad mini with retina display and iPhone6 keeping Apple busy until the end of this year, Google once again does its own share of stalling it.

This time Google does it with such simplicity, If I didn’t know any better I’d say coming up with such a device was ultimately easy.  The tiny device, no bigger than your flash drive, is called ‘Chromecast’ and fits into your TV’s HDMI. Magical right? Wait till you hear the price. It’s a mind-blowing $35 and includes Netflix for 3 months. That price is significantly low when compared to Apple TV at $99. It also requires no installation, cables or anything else. The only downside is the need to charge it from time to time, but who cares? Most of us charge their iPhones twice a day anyway.

What is it that you said? Yeah, for the first time someone actually designed a simpler device than Apple (be careful I said simpler not cuter). Lets see where it goes from now but it’s definitely going to be bad news for Apple TV sales.

Here is the debut of the Chromecast on YouTube.

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