The Art of Choosing

Speaking 11 languages, operating in 72 countries, having a diverse background and geographic knowledge is nothing if we can’t truly understand the people of this highly convergent and interactive globe. I used the word convergent with a purpose, mainly because I observe that however our hobbies, interests, shows we watch are becoming same across continents (I mean the X Factor renditions are in every country) mainly due to the presence of the internet, we are also tending to be more unique in our own ways. And choosing is simply one of them. Behavioristic scientists know that choosing is influenced by a thousand factors, ranging from deep dives to spur of the moment impulses. Professors at Yale are now even observing 5 month old babies in the “Baby Labs” to fully understand how deep our values go.

If you don’t want to perform such a deep dive, here is an incredibly inspiring lady Sheena Iyengar, with her certainly intelligent speech regarding choosing across continents. Enjoy.

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