Storytelling Has a Million Ways

We all watched various talent shows from countries all over the world and I personally was inspired to see that many people tell their stories via a thousand different methods. One of them, to catch me by surprise, was sand art. You know how the camera is on top and the artist plays through the sand to create a storyboard-like show. The best part for me was that it’s ever-flowing and continuous keeping you focused in an intriguing manner.

Now sand-art being pervasive throughout the world, I guess the video I’ll share with you is the most unique. It’s great commercial material when you substitute sand with flour. A great bakery commercial, I guess from Germany correct me if I’m wrong. The tagline of the commercial to come up at the end ‘aus guten Haenden’ simply translates into ‘from good hands’. Where good means caring.

Here is the commercial, see it for yourselves.

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