My Last Favorite Commercial

We all know the famous California state song, and if you’re living here the lyrics are an everyday occasion. It’s quite astonishing how the lyrics are super accurate and sometimes a point of jealousy for people outside CA (even the experiences at DMV can’t bring this sprit down).

Jeep uses this song in their last commercial where they feature a couple of different models and say “for every season and terrain in CA, there is a Jeep.” I totally believe that this is true, great state and great SUVs but I’m not really into SUVs, so this commercial just makes me want to take some time off and travel within the state. But let me stress that this does not mean that I underestimate the power of this commercial, seeing this might even make someone from Arizona pack bags and move to CA while leasing a Jeep for the spirit.

Lovely song, lovely scenery, and well the cars are not bad at all.

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