Here is an Intelligent Filter & Organizer for Your Postal Mail

Well every once in a while someone thinks about a very simple and great idea and you can’t really understand why you couldn’t think of it before. I mean it was so obvious, what were you thinking. Surely Outbox made me think like that in the first peek. I’m not really sure about the market value of this service without looking deeper into it, but I still think this has a great way-of-thinking behind it. Mainly due to these factors:

– People are constantly on the road and still some very important mail arrive in our mailboxes,

– Everybody hates to receive all that marketing mail stuff,

– People are always on the road traveling on business and leisure,

– Solo consumers grow largely in numbers, and they don’t have anybody to pick their mail up when away,

– This is super simple and convenient, does not require extra sacrifice to sign-up,

– Some people move and change homes a lot, online is the best way to keep track of postal mail,

– It’s already here. We are all using spam filters, iPads and smartphones,.

All because of those points I think that this is really a good innovation, if it’s transferable to profits time will tell. Watch the video for your self and let me know what you think.

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