My Recent Encounter with a PC. (Yes, it felt so long!)

I am definitely not a tech expert or a computer engineer; I am a consumer who knows that not every purchase decision is rational. There are many factors around us to stipulate a consumer’s decision and brand image and loyalty are among them.

No need to lie, I am an Apple junkie. Of course this doesn’t mean that I spend the night before the new iPad launch out in the cold in front of an Apple store (seriously I have seen this only with discounted designer wedding dresses and Apple) but it means that Apple – over the years – won my solid trust and dedication with every new product. It is true that they achieved to make me a brand ambassador. But today I will write about something else, I’ll talk about a recent PC experience.

I am definitely not the first Macintosh user to receive a brand new PC as a gift, but it sure did create a large impact on my book and I really want to share the experience with you.

The story starts as we received a new laptop – I won’t give the brand since my intention is not to bully someone, I just want to share a mac users experience on a PC -, which is a well-equipped model with Intel i5 processor and a Windows 7 OS. OK, I am familiar with Windows 7 from work but this will be the first time that I consider it for my personal life. Let’s cut the chase and get back to the story. I took the so called probook out of the box and was really willing to give it a chance since it’s a gift from the university. It looked like a regular laptop with a very nice color but I am not going to lie, it looked like it was from the 20th century next to my Macbook Air. I lift the screen up and punched down the power button. Voila! It was up and running, I saw the Windows 7 logo, and started waiting. Suddenly the message on the screen was “Please wait while Windows downloads 53.567 updates.” This was something new; I never had to wait for something when pulling a new Macintosh device out of the box. So the download continued for half an hour, and finally the device was able to launch Windows 7 to start the personalization steps. As I was running through the wireless network settings Windows suggested that I should start a home network, I said why not, and clicked yes. But than it started asking security questions as ‘the computer attends to create a network, cancel or allow’ it was a little weird because the computer suggested at first place that I should join and now was questioning me regarding the safety of the network and so on.

Well, after some time I cancelled the process and just wanted to join the wireless network to surf the web, luckily there were no other setbacks while connecting and the explorer was up and running. After some time on the web, I checked the battery to see that 85% was left to resemble 1h15minutes of possible usage and at the exact moment it was clear as the summer sky that I would never be able to use a PC for my personal life. I am just too used to the Apple way of diligence, utilitarian approach, compatibility and ease of use along with everything else.

I have mentioned at the beginning that not everything regarding the purchase decision is rational. Many nonconscious processes create contagious customer responses to affect our judgment and decisions. I am sure that the connection between Apple and the consumers is created via many nonconscious ways, but the utilitarian side outweighs every other aspect, Apple simply just makes life easy with a fashionable twist to it.

I would like to end with the 15 ads long video of the epic Mac vs PC series.


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