Let’s Celebrate a Birthday Today, My Birthday!

Today may seem like an ordinary day for many but it is somehow important for me. It’s not that it’s my birthday and I will celebrate and all of that, no. It is special because it just gives me the opportunity to sit back and take a moment to breathe to look back at the years, which seem to be right there but unfortunately are gone forever. Today is my day to look back and dig my life for happy days, sad days, regrets, loves and relationship, bad calls, risks, changes, cities I visited, food I ate and everything that just somehow managed to pass beneath my skin. I know I can’t remember everything, I just have to live with what I have left. I can take pictures and record videos to make remembering a bit easier but that could only help up to a certain level, so best way is to be happy with what we had left.

Now I run through every memory to find out how greatest struggles turned into greatest achievements, how moments that seemed to never pass, passed by so fast I can hardly recall, how strangers turned into lovers and how lovers turned into complete strangers and above all how I made mistakes, learnt and made mistakes, learnt and kept on making mistakes. How days and years played with me, shaped me, broke and reshaped me and brought me to be the man I am today. It is marvelous to see how, along with everything, I keep changing. Even after the moments of complete self satisfaction and fulfillment, I change. I hope for the good of course.

In all the years that passed, today I realize that this is the best birthday ever! No, I really haven’t received anything fancy, no Mercedes Benz or a Brioni Suit, I just received so many loving phone calls, messages, e-mails, invitations and everything. It never struck me this hard until today that being loved is the best thing I could ever hope for, loved by friends, loved by colleagues, loved by schoolmates and loved by family. So I hope to hold and protect this love as long as I have a breath to take.

Thank you all for being there for me today, this is really really much appreciated.

P.S: A friend e-mailed me this today, I think it paints a clear picture =)

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