My Tribute to Steve Jobs, for Everything He Did for Us. #rememberingsteve

It is one of those rare moments when an individual person can touch so many different individuals in one short lifetime. This is detached from time, location, nationalities, races or ideologies. It is flawed to say that Steve Jobs changed many lives; because no matter he passed away he will always be there with all the things he had accomplished, innovated and mastered for the world to be a better, simple place. His life is not limited to the 56 years he lived walking on the world’s surface, no. His life is limitless as his family, friends, co-workers, employees, fans, fanatics, followers and even competitors will pass his heritage to the future generations. The downside is that we now do not know what the future would look like as we have lost the man who used to design it for us.

It’s not about losing a great mind or a great business leader, it’s like you’ve lost someone from your close family. Millions never met him, millions even do not know where he came from but the thing is that he somehow magically managed to touch multi millions with his wiz and perspective. Better yet, he managed to find the way to our hearts, which is always a challenge. He turned a complete stranger into a beloved family member and that is why I will never forget about him and that is why I will do my very best to keep his heritage up and running.

On top of everything, today is a day of envy for me. Don’t be surprised with that. I envy anyone who was lucky enough to work with him, lived in his neighborhood, got to know him, shook his hand, watched him live in a keynote presentation or even had a debate with him and left the company. I envy all of you because you were lucky enough to interact with him. Your life was somehow directly interrupted by a great great man, so don’t blame me for my envy.

I was nearly forgetting the most envy I have is for the lads who were there at Stanford’s commencement in 2005 as Steve was addressing them, that speech surely was a life changer.

The idea of writing an emotional letter to a deceased CEO & President of some company is ill-suited. But this is no ordinary company and Steve was no ordinary CEO & President. I loved him from the first moment I touched a Macintosh computer and he just became a part of my personality afterwards. Besides all the envy I have, I am also feeling very lucky to be able to use the products he designed, hear the words he spoke and live in the same time era as he lived. I am thankful.

This is as emotional as I can get to someone who I really do not know, this is as loyal as I can be to some brand and this is also as dedicated as I can be to a heritage.

If today I am feeling not only sad but also in many different ways that I can only describe as perplexed, if today I am doing my best to express my true, from the gut feelings in a foreign language, if today my 15-inch Macbook seems just a little bit different from yesterday, if today the best place to be on the whole planet feels like Palo Alto CA and if today fells like I am kind of alone, than it must either be that I am crazy and completely emotionally damaged or I was just in love with Steve and all the ways he used to redesign our lives.

 Long story short, Steve will always be remembered and missed.

From the bottom of my heart, with Love.

RIP Steve Jobs.

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