Worldwide Usage of Major Social Media Brands – [Infographic]

Social media as we know is changing rapidly without giving notice; this is a fast moving and growing business. The numbers you read one day are not really that accurate in the next.

This is the fact in the USA, but what about the rest of the world? Are there countries where Facebook is not really the number1 social media site on hand? Maybe there are also locations where Twitter might not be as strong as you are thinking.  Team Mashable worked hard to gather data from all around the world with the intention to answer your questions and they came up with the following infographic.

There are two major facts that caught my eye. The first thing is that Facebook approached Orkut in Brazil and is now only an inch away from becoming the number 1 social media site there. The second point is that how Twitter was able to enter the Japanese market where Facebook literally has no presence. Rather than these two outliers, the rest of the world looks pretty much the same.

The infographic ignores China and India because the reliable figures on these two are very hard to obtain.


Original post can be found here.

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