Timing on Twitter – Why it Matters. [Infographic]

We all faced the situation when we thought of the most clever, fun and retweetable – at least we think so –  tweet ever, and as we share it, our expectations are that, well, it’s going to be retweeted and we will definitely have a bunch of new followers.

But sometimes these expectations are not met, the world is busy doing something else or retweeting someone else’s tweet.

But as this infographic from Lemon.ly shows sometimes are better to tweet than others. For instance the majority of Twitter traffic takes place between nine in the morning and 11 am and then between 1300 and 1500 in the afternoon. That means more people are reading tweets then and are more engaged and correspondingly you have more chance of catching people’s attention.

Most tweets by day are also sent on Tuesday. As if on Monday we were only just warming up for the week ahead. The fewest are sent on Sunday (no surprise there), but oddly Thursday is the quietest day of the working week. I’ve long noticed this and always wondered why things get so quiet on Thursdays before picking up a little on Fridays.


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