My Constant Unrest with Androids – IOs vs Droids Infographic

It has been a while since I first wondered how an android smart phone – regardless of the brand – might even be tempting to someone, and the main question is who purchases to use them anyway?

Every time I came across an android device, I really tried to appreciate it, trust me I really did. But every time I was somehow more in love with my iPhone immediately after I let go of the android. Somehow the android lacked that magical ‘thing’ to hook me up, and reel me in.

 I cannot decide for certain if what is lacking is the brand, the communication, the positioning or the simple truth that I –personally – have nothing to do with an android. So it really does not matter if it has a zillion megabytes camera, cool texture, state-of-the art display or what so ever, it seems like I am almost impossible to be compelled by that device, no matter what. On the other hand, I am constantly feeling the urge, and the impulse to jump on everything that our beloved Steve Jobs and Apple have to offer. But, that is a whole different story.

I will just keep it simple and let you decide for yourselves if the below infographic is really accurate at defining why I love iPhone while my beloved friend Onur Solmaz is in love with his new Samsung Galaxy SMX-Something.


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