The Perfect Battle: Facebook vs. Google+

I, personally as an ex-Facebook user to find my social media habits redefined in Twitter, could not resist the gratification of setting up a Google+ account. I had my doubts of course, mainly because it is much of a hustle in the end to transfer all your social media profile from one location to another or start all over again. I had this one simple question in mind: Is Goggle+ really worth the effort?

As Google+ is growing rapidly in numbers – thanks to the snowball effect – the battle for the social media crown is heating up. Some people are already adoring Google+ suggesting that it is the perfect mix of Facebook and Twitter where others are hesitant in crossing the chasm. If you are still among that majority, in search of clear definitions and a comparition, below is the ultimate infographic to address your requests. The picture is given in much detail and lets the user understand what is what.


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