The New & Innovative Traffic Signal Design for Istanbul

Art. Lebedev Studio has designed a new traffic light from scratch upon request from the city of Istanbul and its municipality (ISBAK).

ISBAK services the Istanbul transport system since 1986.

 The Signal is called “Isiklarius.”


 The traffic light is shaped as an exclamation mark—an established sign calling for attention and stressing important points. Yet the object remains instantly recognizable as a traffic signal. Istanbul has tens of thousands of traffic lights today. Technology Isiklarius is the world’s first traffic light to use signal panels based on the PHOLED (phosphorescent organic light-emitting diode) technology.


The mount has a pivot and adjustable arm’s length, which allows you to rotate or tilt the body.


 Isiklarius is equipped with a system developed in the Art. Lebedev Studio that detects visually impaired and handicapped pedestrians. It uses special icons on the signal panel to warn drivers when such persons approach the crossing. There is a sound signal for visually impaired that also alerts other pedestrians and drivers.

I think that this is by far the most innovative approach brought to traffic signals.


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