Apple Heritage – Product Tree

When it comes to talk about product design and simplicity, Apple has always been one of the top brands which flash in the awareness set of consumers. Another fact is that the consumers to recall the brand of Apple are from a much diversified set of consumer segments.

The uniqueness in design and simplicity in usage date back to the late -70s, when the two Steves (Jobs and Wozniak) merged together to aim these two traits as the major point-of-differences when compared with Dell (the one and only competition back than).

The two traits still stay hidden in the product design process of the company and are visible with each launched device to shock the world over and over again.

Beneath is a very fun infographic created by Mike Vasilev from Mashable that clearly shows how much has Apple succeeded in the last 30something years.

I will just name one fun fact to end this with. The name Macintosh refers back to the original one kind of apple called ‘MacIntosh’ but was misspelled during to process of the Macintosh 1 in the early 80s and stays the same ever since.


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