Biggest Planned Tech IPOs of 2011

Following 2010, it is easy to say that 2011 has been the year of technology or the year of iPad2, just as Steve Jobs mentions, either way it has all been about the Silicon Valley. There have been major IPOs in the first half of 2011, and many are to come before the year closes. Facebook IPO is the largest and most awaited amongst them.

Linkedin started the process by going public with an initial IPO price of around $40s to end up with a total worth of $8.9 billion being the largest internet IPO following Google(2004). Linkedin is currently valued at more than $9.5 billion. Pandora was the second on the roll, quickly following Linkedin. The company just hit 100 million subscribed users this week.

Groupon and Zynga are still to come en route with major expectations. Below is an infographic, showing the major milestones in each company’s process.


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