Repositioning a Commercial Airline

This has been the topic which keeps me busy nights and days. I am trying to logically set the borders of the brand repositioning of Turkish Airlines. As a member of the company, it is almost always very hard not to move to a more subjective perspective. I am trying my best not to divert from my intended course of actions.

The historical process is very rich in both drama and success. This for instance is a great advantage for me, since I am able to locate and investigate many different and diversified actions which were taken in the past, but still have significant effect. The book ‘Bulutlarin Ustunde’ by Cem Kozlu fired my intentions to analyze the process which started in a time when THY was perceived as ‘They Hate You’ Airlines due to the lack of many things from customer service to technical capabilities. Today the company managed to fully change the positioning to a young, agile, 4-star airline with more than 170 destinations worldwide, offering perfect service and world renown on-board catering. Turkish Airlines managed to reposition itself to a higher niche where it is recalled as one of the best and earns the motto ‘Globally Yours’.

My goal is to carefully analyze and point out each step taken along the way.

I would like to give some interesting information prior to closing this post. Turkish people were elected to be the most hardworking of all within the OECD member countries. Turks worked an average of 49,4 hours weekly, where they were preceding South Korea and Greece with 46,6 and 42,5 respectively. I guess we deserve a growing economy.


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